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The Purpose of this Web Site: The primary purpose of this web site is to provide ideas and leadership theory so that everyone can learn the best way to lead people instead of manage them. Additionally, we will be providing continous, current articles on management and leadership theories and tactics - you will find these articles under the News Feed tab. In our Self-Development tab, we will provide ideas and articles on how to work with a manager who micro-manages, how to deal with obstinate co-workers, and much more. All of these are designed to help you grow as an employee. I hope you enjoy what you read and tell colleagues about this site also. I welcome any comments and ideas. There is a Difference Between Management & Leadership Generally speaking, Managers manage the business and Leaders lead people. Managers are focused on the numbers and the metrics that indicate how the business is performing. Unfortunately, many managers lack the people skills needed to be an effective leader. Leaders have charisma and know how to motivate their people to perform at their very best, which in turn actually facilitates the numbers to fall in place. Managers direct, delegate, and insist on top performance from everyone. Leaders coach, inspire and motivate team members to strive for excellence with pride. Have you noticed that sports teams have a manager to manage the finances and business of the team, and then there is the coach - the person who encourages everyone to reach their absolute best. The popular thought is that managers are not effective leaders, and leaders don’t manage the business effectively. Can one be both a great manager and a great leader? The answer is YES! It all begins with the culture you create in your organization. You create this positive culture by being positive in everything you do - lead by example, respect your people, develop trust, communicate constantly, and the list goes on. Once people believe in you, they will respect you and share your vision by constantly coaching them instead of brow-beating and demanding conformance.
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