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PEOPLE SKILLS - CULTURE If you want to have a successful, productive organization, you have to have a happy workforce. It starts with the hiring process - right selection. Then it’s all about how you treat your people. TEAM DYNAMICS Despite what a few may think, there is no comparison to what an organized team can accomplish. Everyone providing input and ideas is what creates harmony as well as problems solved - if handled the right way. MANAGEMENT & LEADERSHIP The most successful manager is one who can manage the business effectively, and lead his team to success thru motivation and inspiration. We will discuss management tactics, leadership styles and much more.

A Little About Me

Presently, I am employed at what I feel is the best company I have ever worked for - Amazon, where I am happily employed as a Quality Engineer. My past includes having been in the automotive market as a process engineer, Quality Engineer, Supplier Quality Engineer and a Quality Manager. I have also managed multi-unit locations where I inspired my management team to stive for excellence. I also taught at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan for 8 1/2 years where I taught Applied Management, Quality Management, Organizational Behavior, Human Resources, and Lean Manufacturing. I have various degrees in Business and Business mgmt to include MBA and MISM, and a doctorate in Organizational Leadership. None of the above makes me an expert at anything, but what it does make me is an expert in learning, and I will never stop learning for nothing is static, and there is constant change in our world.
Instead of pointing the finger at someone, try lending a hand instead.  - F. Armstrong 2015

Important Topics We’ll Cover